Abyss of Silence

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Below are photos that go along with the past several months of not blogging. I mainly put them up to go along with a long catch up email I sent to my pal, Amanda, whom I've been neglecting.

But I hope you can enjoy them too.

You may notice that I tend to take picture of scenes and things (and my cat) instead of people. I suppose I do this because I hate being photographed myself. So the few pictures I do have of people tend to be from a goodish distance.

And in defense of my taking so many pictures of my cat, all I can say is if you had such a cute and funny cat, you'd take a crapload of picture of him too. So n'yah!

Anyway, here ya go...


  • Rest stop photos - you caught the beauty of CA. Traveling - even in the flats of the Grapevine - has so many varied beautiful sites.

    For instance, the Wedding site was gorgeous! Where is that?

    The Picnic photo with the colorful beach towels in the foreground and nature in the rest of the photo looks so artistic. You have such a talent for composition.

    And, naturally, I like the photos of Rick.

    You two live in so much beauty!

    Love the Stagecoach rules.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:17 AM  

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