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Saturday, December 06, 2008

If you have not seen this yet. Do yourself a favor and watch it.


  • Jen,

    I tried the site, but my firewall said the site was an extreme danger and that I should shut down my browser immediately. So I did and then scanned my computer to see if the site did anything. Will let you know as soon as the scan stops.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:41 PM  

  • But that's madness! Your fraidy cat firewall lied to you.

    Anyway you can always go to www.hulu.com and do a search for "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog". It's in three acts though and you can either view the whole thing together or each act individually.

    Oh and fyi the whole thing is 45 minutes. But's it's really cute.

    By Blogger Abyss of Silence, at 8:56 AM  

  • Kewl. Thanks Jen. The site didn't do anything bad to my computer, but my firewall still objects strongly to it. Will try the hulu site.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:06 PM  

  • Hi Jen, it's Hal again.

    I tried the hulu site, but as soon as the video starts playing, my firewall objects strenuously. Sigh. Guess I'll have to wait until we come visit you guys again.

    Any plans for Christmas yet?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:14 PM  

  • Monica says your Mom is coming up to visit. That will be nice. Sure wish you guys were closer!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:20 PM  

  • My Mom has decided against making the journey up here.

    And I don't wish we were closer, I wish YOU guys were closer to us! I just loves me this Nor Cal! Although we didn't get any snow.

    By Blogger Abyss of Silence, at 2:34 PM  

  • I loved it!!!

    By Blogger Dana Fredsti, at 2:19 PM  

  • Jen,

    Sorry your Mom didn't make it.

    I know how much you guys love nor cal. We're such so cal people. sigh!

    Hope your Christmas was jolly and your New Year is bright!



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:18 PM  

  • the only doom that's looming is you loving me to death.

    I <3 the thoroughbred of sin.

    By Blogger Just1SillyGirl, at 12:03 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:14 AM  

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