Abyss of Silence

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Great Space Coaster

Holy shit!


Everything is on You Tube! I used to watch this show when I was in kindergarten. Or to be specific, I used to watch this intro because I really liked the song.

My mom always dropped me off at school early in the morning so she could get to work on time and so I'd play in the yard. But I'd often go into the tv room and watch the opening of The Great Space Coaster. I know I was in kindergarten because of the specific play yard (for kindergarteners) I would come in from at school to watch.

I've had a vague recollection of this song since my childhood. "On the great space coaster, get on board! On the great space coaster, we'll explore..."

I recently did a search for it because, surely, I hadn't made it up. Someone else out there must know about it. And there it was and now I can hear it again.

Blew my freakin mind hearing this and watching the graphics after so long.