Abyss of Silence

Friday, January 27, 2006


How cute is this?! Last year, for my 30th Birthday one of my Mom's friends emailed me this photo. I had never seen it before. In the photo below is (at the top) my Mom, then my Sister, and that chubby, little baby is me.

Looking at this picture makes wistful for the days of yore. But that's typical I expect. In retrospect and colored by emotion, earlier times always seem better than they were in reality. Not that my childhood wasn't perfectly happy. It was. I'm one of those boring people who had a happy childhood. We just don't appreciate things in the now. We're always looking forward or backward. We're either eagerly anticipating or wishing certain days were back again. Sigh... I'm starting to sound like Yoda.

This constant dissatisfaction has probably helped us advance in just about every capacity. I mean what would we strive for if we were perfectly content with our lot? Nothing.

So it's a good thing. It plays hell on the mind though.


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