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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back Off!

Don't you hate it when you really like something or someone and then they or it becomes really popular? I've had this happen to me several times. The latest is the rise in popularity of one of my favorite British actors Hugh Laurie.

When I first heard he was going to be on a new medical drama on American television I thought, "aw man, they're going to eat him alive." American television is, in my opinion, littered with examples of really great performers and shows being tossed aside for utter crap. I also wondered if the show would be any good. And you know what? It is. I don't really like many shows anymore. I don't know whether I'm getting harder to please or the quality of shows coming out is declining.

"House," however, is a genuinely good show and he's as brilliant as ever. It's a bit odd seeing him be so serious (and have an American accent). Oh when will America allow Hugh to be British. But I digress.

The point of the post is the fricking theivery of people! He's mine! So back off! I've been a fan of Hugh Laurie's for about 15 years now. When I was a teenager I discovered the pure joy of "Jeeves & Wooster" which I notice is mysteriously running on PBS more than it used to. I developed a crush on him back then. He's just so funny and very cute despite the fact that he's pulling a silly face most of the time. Did these people appreciate him back then? That's a big fat No!

Were they charmed by his bumbling Prince George in "Black Adder"? Did they laugh themselves silly during, "A Bit of Fry & Laurie"? Did they watch that truly awful movie, "101 Damations" because they heard he was in it? Did they read the book he wrote? Do they even know that he wrote a book called the "The Gun Seller"?

Let me guess: No, No, No, No and NO?

Tickled by his recent success I started to surf around to see if anyone had taken any notice in this country and what do I find? Oh Hugh this, Hugh that...those smokin' blue eyes...isn't he so cool... blah, blah, blah!

What the? Hey, he's my secret! Aw, son of a....! Get your own...! D'oh!

All I can say is that these's Johnny-Come-Latelys didn't put in the time. This keeps happening to me. I'll really enjoy something or someone and then everyone else steals them. Bastards!


  • Don't know about this guy, but I do like PIPER Laurie ...

    By Blogger freethoughtguy, at 4:37 PM  

  • I've loved Hugh Laurie for years, ever since Black Adder! You've got me beat with Jeeves and Wooster, though.

    Watching 'House', as good as it is, is very painful for me. My ex turned into that character...except he wasn't a brilliant doctor. But he had the bad attitude, the 'I'm a rebel against society and can be an asshole' thing down...I think he's given it up now, but argh!

    By Blogger Dana Fredsti, at 1:52 PM  

  • Of course I beat you with Jeeves & Wooster, you know why? Because HE'S MINE! :P

    By Blogger Abyss of Silence, at 5:16 PM  

  • Well, I finally saw an episode of House. Drove me nuts. At first I didn't like the American accent but I got used to it...and I 100 percent LOVED Hugh in the role. But the show itself gave me a headace. All that switching. All that moving about. And what's with the decor in that place?! This hospital would MAKE me sick. All those reds and dark mean tones. And I do not want my hospital bed to be in the middle of the hospital floor with nothing but glass walls like a big see-through box. Who've they got in there, Hannibal Lecter?!

    By Blogger Fleeting Mind, at 4:51 PM  

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