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Monday, February 12, 2007

Quiz Fluff

Survey - A to Z

~A - Age: 32 going on 80

~B - Book you recently read: Rereading Potters before the final installment is out (on book 4 now)

~C - Career: Exec. Admin. Asst. & Purchasing Manager. It's a job, not a career.

~D - Drink or smoke: Drink

~E - Easiest person/s to talk to: Winita

~F - Favorite song/s at the moment: Life on Mars / David Bowie

~G - Game: Not really in to games (sorry Rick)

~H - Happiest moments: This is going to sound sick but I'm often happiest right before I go to sleep. There have been times when I actually and inadvertently giggle as I crawl into bed when . I know that is probably not the type of responce I'm supposed to give to this question. It's one of those boring "birth of my kids" kind of things but I felt this little truth was weird enough to mention.

~I - Ickiest moments: Doctors visits. I can't stand going to the doctor. Just multiply by ten how much you don't like it and you'll get close to my feelings about it.

~J - Joke: My humor is generally off the cuff kind of stuff. I'm actually terrible at telling jokes myself.

~K - is for: KILL!!!!! Mmmhhoohahhhahaa!

~L - Longest car ride ever: With parents from L.A. to Bodega Bay. You really don't want to be in a car with me any longer than that.

~M - My favorite Sport/s: Playing volleyball. I'm not into watching sports except for the Olympics.

~N - Number of relationships you've had: 1

~O - One wish you have: For all the children of the world to hold hands and sing in a spirit of peace and harmony. Ah, fuck that shit, I want money.

~P - Phobias: Going to the doctor.

~Q - Quote: "Do or do not, there is no try." - Yoda. Eh, it's the first one that came to me.

~R - Reason to smile: Paiwacket

~S - Safest place you feel: At home with Rick.

~T - Time you woke up: 7:15 a.m.

~U - Unknown fact about you: Well if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you!

~V - Vegetable/fruit you hate: Onions & garlic, I don't know which I hate more.

~W - Worst habit: Overeating

~X - Xrays you've had: Teeth, entire head to assess things about teeth, ankles & hands to determine extent of injuries, chest for pneumonia.

~Y - Yummy food/s: Burgers & fries. Let me at them burgers and fries!

~Z - Zodiac sign: Aquarius


  • I totally stole this from you... thanks!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:45 PM  

  • I know! Not only did you totally steal this from me but your answers were totally funnier!


    By Blogger Abyss of Silence, at 2:57 PM  

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