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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Net photos -UPDATED

Have you ever gone onto Yahoo or Google and searched for images of people you know? Try it! Just go to either of those search engines and instead of searching the "web" search for "images." Put in the names of everyone you know.

I did this today. I found pictures for about 8% of the names I put in, but here's what I found.

Alas, none. None of my family, none of my husband's family either.
Holy Crap! Victoria is right, there are pictures I missed. I think the problem was that I started searching on Yahoo first (and started with family first) then moved over to Google later on but didn't research the names I'd already done with Yahoo). I think Google is probably a better search engine. And I'm not just sucking up because eBlogger is powered by Google. Still none of my family but I did find...

Monica & Hal (mum & dad-in-law)

Nat (sis-in-law)

Brian (soon-to-be husband's bro-in-law) I'm ashamed to admit, I forgot to search for his name. Forgive me! I forgot to search for my uncle too if that is any comfort.


Brandon (pal o' mine from high school)

Mark (ditto)

Rebekah (from College- we've lost touch but I see she's still doing shows, at least that's what I hope this is!)

This sexy lady is my friend, Dana. Yes, that's her on the cover of DVD of "Princess Warrior" (she's the "evil" one in black).

And here's my pal, David (Dana's main man) looking cute in his own right if not a bit pixelated.

Former Teachers

I didn't look for everyone but did find...

Bill (high school teacher) I can call him Bill because we remained friends.

Mr. V! (junior high school teacher and basket ball coach) Oh and I had a pretty big crush on him too.

Previous Coworkers
None. :( Bull crap! Damn, that Yahoo! I found more on Google!

Dave (former bossman)

Anna & Roksolana (receiving an award I should have received, since I headed up the project but left before we received the award, eh I love 'em anyway)

Current Coworkers

Hah, found one of Olivia...

Hey, even I'm on the web! Here's an ancient (12 years old) picture of Rick and myself. Of course I'm only on as an appendage to Rick.

Speaking of my husband, behold my greatest find of this adventure....
Yes, this mop-topped creature is my husband. He's sitting in our living room in our New York apartment probably about 6 years ago. He's sitting in front of an "A" because the picture was taken as a project for his Grandmother. I think each family member took a picture with a letter and it was put together to spell something. I don't remember what at present.

The hair is great! Oh my god! I nearly spit my coffee all over myself when I saw this picture. There are a lot of pictures of him on the web but I had never seen this one on the web.

This is what he looks like these days. Such a cute, baby-face!


  • I object! Not to the pictures, which are great - but that your husband's family isn't there.

    Search for Natalie Carrier (it's an Amazon.com link and the 4th image displayed in my Google search).

    Monica Norman will get you a two-fer. (also an Amazon link and the 6th image displayed in my Google search)

    And if you look up your soon to be brother in-law-in-law (Brian Parra) you will thankfully not find a terrible picture of him in pink, but in fact, a picture with him next to an image of himself that he carved out of a pumpkin.

    Sadly, because of some dyspraxic chick who wrote a book, the name Victoria Biggs won't produce anything about me. Can't wait to change my name!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:39 AM  

  • Once again I am humbled and shamed by Victoria who was completely right.

    Damn you Yahoo! (preferably shreiked in a William Shatner "Kahn!" kind of voice)

    By Blogger Abyss of Silence, at 9:12 AM  

  • How cool is this? I'll have to give it a try for my blog.

    But it will take awhile - I have 9 brothers and sisters and their spouses and children and Hal has a sister with 3 kids and about a dozen grandchildren.

    And I saved a couple of the photos you found but I didn't have, so thanks!

    This could be quite a project!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:31 AM  

  • HAh! You would post the PW picture, you evil wench. And after I agreed to share Spike with you...

    By Blogger Dana Fredsti, at 4:00 PM  

  • Monica- What photos did you not have I mean other that mop-top Rick?

    Zhadi- Mmmhhoohhaahahaaahhh!

    By Blogger Abyss of Silence, at 3:20 PM  

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