Abyss of Silence

Friday, July 20, 2012

Put very plainly...

I believe the existence of life on Earth is complete by random happenstance.  We evolved from the cocktail of elements that ended up on this planet, without any supernatural help.  There is NO good evidence for the supernatural.  Belief in anything without supporting evidence because it sounds nice or because it’s what you were taught as a child is, well… childish.  It’s as childish as modifying ones behavior in order to be rewarded or avoid punishment, rather than doing what’s right for the sake of doing right.

I don’t care if belief in a lie is comforting.  A lie is a lie, not matter how pretty it is. These warm and fuzzy lies are ultimately destructive as they prevent progress. 

I would like everyone’s comfort bubble to burst so we could all grow up and move forward in solving humanities problems using reasoned thought, free from dogma.

I’m sorry you’re not so important that you were created in the image of god.  I’m sorry there is no meaning to life.

The meaning of your life is whatever meaning you assign to it.


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