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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 1 Achievements

I was worried that I would spend my entire vacation planted in front of the television.  Generally I'm so tired on weekends, that's what I end up doing more often than not.

But luckily I did do things.  I didn't move the earth or anything but I got some shit done....

-  Mended 1 skirt
-  Finished 1 skirt (I had been making this skirt forever)
-  Mended 4 tops
-  Washed delicate items (that have been sitting in a corner for about a year)  and no, not undies, fancier stuff that needed to be washed by hand.
-  Compiled a large bag and took to Goodwill and reorganized closet.

-  Took old paint to toxic waste place
-  Bathroom (hard scrub on tub and scrubbed floor, cleaned all surfaces, steam cleaned grout)
-  Cleared one bookshelf from my office and moved it downstairs
-  Organized new dvd bookshelf in living room
-  Cleared some brush from side of house (enough to fill the green bin)

Physical activities
-  See house activities above
-  Been to the gym many times (almost every day)
-  Went rollerskating with David & Dana

-  Sent out all the checks
-  Scanned items and packaged up to go to storage
-  Took items to storage (two trips)
-  Picked up mail from P.O. Box
-  Answered a bunch of email

-  Purchased tickets to Texas to visit with Preston & Bryan
-  Contacted friends about getting together
-  Didn’t check work email once
-  Did some cooking.
-  Read in the backyard for a couple of hours.
-  Bread is baking even as I type this!

So yay!  It's been a relaxing first week and I feel like I've gotten stuff done which feels good.  I also noticed that it felt like a week.  It didn't feel like a couple of blurred days!


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