Abyss of Silence

Saturday, December 05, 2015

My Donald Trump Fantasy

Yes, I had a fantasy about him a few months ago after hearing some of the shockingly awful, hateful things he was spewing. I had never been a fan of the man but didn’t think him as terrible as this.  Then I had this interesting thought. 

What if he discovered that he has a fatal illness and for the first time in his life the scales fell from his eyes and he looked around at his tacky, gold-plated existence and realized his legacy would be greed and bunch of bad hair jokes? So he racked his brain and decided that, given his unique position of wealth and fame, he would, in a final act of pure altruism, single-handedly take down the Republican Party by being a fantastically vile candidate and really shove this crap in people's faces. Then he could leave a video to be played after his death letting everyone know what he did and be heralded as a hero.  

Now, I do not wish a fatal illness upon him or anyone but how genius would that plan be?


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