Abyss of Silence

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

She's the one on the right hand side of the page on her 11th birthday in Ottawa, Ontario. Of course this was a while ago. Let's see what else she's done...

She (on left) worshipped Elvis!

She was a majorette and marched in parades!

She dated. (nice legs!)
She had two adorable kids and took them to Canada.

She traveled the high seas.

She's traveled to other parts of the world. (whoops! I just realized that's not her in the picture, but I'm certain she's taking the picture)

She goofed off in those other parts of the world.

She was always good to her Mom...

...and loved by animals. I just can't say enough about the woman! My Mom: strong, smart, independent, funny, generous, Canadian. :)

Happy Birthday, Mom! Here is a virtual hug from me until a few weeks from now when I can give you an actual one.